Our Panels provide extensive creative freedom for interior designers, architects, builders and
the DIY enthusiast.

Features of Runtime 3D Decor Wall Art Panels

3D Wall Art Panels are lightweight, strong and easy to install in commercial and home
environments. The Panels are perfect for restoration and home renovations to add a cost
effective solution to a wall space.

3D Panels Feature:

  • Eco friendly made from polyurethane, wood pulp, and stone particles.
  • The panels are lightweight (1.5-3.6kg each) durable and easy to work with.
  • Spray Paint any colour
  • Pre sculptured panel sizes range from 500x500x20, 600x120x20, 600x600x20-30-40 and 500x600x40.
  • The sculptured and microscopic cellular surface diffuses noise, making them ideal for home theaters, clubs, cafes’, pubs to office meeting rooms.
  • 16 mm air space can buffer the base ensuring noise reduction
  • Direct and edge lighting adds stunning effects
  • Easy to clean
  • Each wall panel has its own fixing pack, which enables a quick and easy install that transforms a room in a few hours
  • Runtime 3D Décor Wall Art Panels create an impressive impact and architectural feel to a room at relatively low cost, against other traditional wall feature decorating processes

Runtime 3D Wall Art Panels

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About Us

Runtime 3D Décor is an innovative digital design agency, an extension of Runtime Design established in 2004. Runtime Design continues to be innovative by adding new products and services seeking creative solutions for our mix of clients. With a combination of interior design, graphic design skills and the introduction of digital design and print, an opportunity was quickly identified to add 3D Décor to our mix of services.

Product Warranty

We offer a 1-Year Warranty from the invoiced date.
Please down load our Install and Frequently Asked Guide for further details.

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