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At Runtime 3D Decor we pride ourselves on keeping up-to
date with the latest in digital decor for commercial and
home interiors.

3D Wall Art Panel are an exciting textured and decorative necessity to have designed into
interior design plans. What makes 3D wall art panels impressive is there sculptured
pattern, with an acoustic noise reduction feature.

Interior Designers, Architects, builders and DIY enthusiasts love 3D wall art panels,
as they are easy to work with and install. The Panels when put together create an
impressive eye-catching impact and architectural feel to a room at relatively little cost.

The 3D Wall Art Panels can be painted any colour.
For something unique they can be painted with textures such as stone, granite
or metallic to create impressive features at a fraction of the cost of the real item.

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Stylish Eye-Catching Walls

3D Wall Art Panels

  • Christine Marshall

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    Marketing and Sales Director

Wall Murals
Enhance Your Wall Space

Make a statement with a personalised wall mural featuring your favourite image
of a holiday, city, family gathering or beach scene.

Wall Murals are perfect for the home, apartments, offices, hotels and retailers.
Our affordable Photo Text Adhesive Fabric, can be installed on flat, non-porous

Recently on the “Block” the contestants applied murals under kitchen benchtops,
living and bedrooms spaces.

Call 1300 88 11 52 for further information, we would love to hear from you.
Email: sales@runtimedesign.com.au


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